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Praise for Morgan Quitno Publications (click on a cover to go to that section of reviews):

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State Rankings: (Back to Top)

"There's GREAT stuff in here!" Andy Rooney, CBS News

"Anything and everything you ever wanted to know about the states..." National Journal

"Highly recommended for most libraries,  State Rankings cannot be outdone for convenience, coherence and ease of use."  Library Journal

"Recommended for public and academic libraries."  Booklist/Reference Books Bulletin

"Since Rankings are often requested but are often difficult to find, State Rankings is a best buy."  Choice

"This is a terrific book...an absolute winner."  Coast Book Review

"[State Rankings] is entertaining, educational, and easy to read and understand." American Reference Books Annual

"Definitely a good purchase if your library needs in-depth state statistics."  Knowledge Quest: American Association of School Librarians

Health Care State Rankings: (Back to Top)

"A superb addition to any library. Highly recommended." Choice (September 2005)

"Should patrons want to know how all 50 states compare in the health care arena, this is the reference book for them. Recommended." Library Journal (October 2005)

"This cohesive, comprehensive work fills a gap in the literature -- a recommended addition to the reference collection of any academic or public library." Library Journal

"[Health Care State Rankings] presents a wide variety of American health care data in a no-frills, straightforward manner...The convenience of having everything in one easy-to-understand volume far outweighs the alternative -- searching through numerous sources." Booklist/Reference Books Bulletin

"Recommended for all libraries."  Choice

"Health Care State Rankings presents its data admirably; its tables are clear and well documented... Recommended for all academic libraries."  Academic Library Review

"Those serious about putting together a comprehensive health care reference section won't want to miss the opportunity to include this guide to health care."  Midwest Book Review

"An excellent, absorbing reference book, filled with meaningful data, and is most highly recommended."  Coast Book Review

"Highly recommended."  Journal for Healthcare Quality

"For libraries with patrons looking for answers to unique health questions, [Health Care State Rankings] is a worthwhile purchase."  American Reference Books Annual

Crime State Rankings: (Back to Top)

"Fun to browse, [Crime State Rankings] more than meets the needs of many public libraries...highly recommended" Library Journal ( starred review)

"Suitable for all public, college and university libraries."  Choice

"Crime State Rankings contains a wealth of useful information about crime and criminal justice in the United States."  American Reference Books Annual

"An invaluable volume which will interest both individuals and those involved in law enforcement."  Midwest Book Review

"Recommended for all general reference collections."  Reference Book Review

City Crime Rankings: (Back to Top)

"City Crime Rankings is recommended for public libraries and those individuals who need quick, easy-to-understand statistics concerning crime..." American Reference Books Annual

"City Crime Rankings is an accessible source for the general public. Recommended."  Library Journal

"A strong reference, especially for those contrasting community quality."  Midwest Book Review

"...The information is conveniently presented, and the book can stand alone.  [Recommended for] all levels."  Choice

Education State Rankings: (Back to Top)

"Morgan Quitno's latest addition to their stable of well-received state rankings books, like them, is easy to use and affordable.  Highly recommended for all levels and collections" Choice: Current Reviews for Academic Libraries

"This important work makes tracking the progress of education by state easy and understandable through meaningful state comparisons.  Education State Rankings will appeal to a wide audience."  Library Journal

State Trends: (Back to Top)

"An excellent addition to Morgan Quitno's state statistical publications.  Highly recommended!" Choice: Current Reviews for Academic Libraries


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